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Overcoming Risks Of Seeking IVF During COVID Times

As it is, is a challenging decision. The couples seeking IVF treatment are already emotionally and physically in a difficult situation, to add to the stress the questions about the risks and success rates cannot be ignored. And as if all this pressure was not enough, the ongoing pandemic added more questions and confusion...

4 Things To Learn From Failed IVF Cycles

IVF (In Vitro Fertilisation) can be really tough and often challenging. It is possible that you might not get the expected result in the first or second try. As it is, getting the IVF treatment is a difficult decision to take, both emotionally and physically. And when you fail multiple times, you almost lose hope. However,...

The Covid-19 Pandemic Effect On Several IVF Cycles

The pandemic, its repercussions, signs, symptoms, treatments, possible ways to avoid, in short everything about Covid-19, still seems to be under unclear water. Though the experts are trying to deal with the notorious virus in the best possible way, there are still quite a few unturned stones. It looks like, lives were runn...

How to prepare for an IVF cycle

Like a famous quote says - “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”So, if you are planning to go for your first IVF cycle, the best thing to do is to first grasp as much information as you can about the process and what it entails. Ideally...

Innovations In IVF Treatments To Improve Pregnancy Rates

Giving birth to a new life is a wonderful feeling. The mere thought of welcoming a new member in the family is simply beyond the explanation of words. Becoming parents, whether for the first time or second or third, is always a blissful experience, however, not all couples are lucky enough to enjoy this blessing....

10 Myths That Won’t Help You Conceive

The 10 myths that won't help you conceive. There are a lot of misconceptions when it comes to getting pregnant. Especially with the couples fighting infertility or who have been trying hard to conceive.This is an info...

Can Obesity Cause Infertility?

Many couples ask who are fighting infertility issues and seeking help to conceive. There are several myths and misconceptions regarding infertility and IVF treatments.sexologist and IVF specialist, addresses the most...

Delay In Infertility Treatment Reduces Chances of Getting Pregnant

, sexologist and IVF specialist will share on the topic - delay in infertility treatment reduces the chances of getting pregnant. Motherhood is a precious blessing for all women, however, sadly there are a few women, who face difficulty in getting pregnant. But there is nothing to worry. Dr. A.K. Jain is there to solve all...

Does Endometriosis Affect Fertility?

Sometimes, what you think to be a normal pain or natural menstrual pain, can be a case of Endometriosis. Dr. A.K. Jain, a sexologist and IVF specialist, talks about endometriosis and does endometriosis affect fertility....